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    About this tool

    The Search Box Builder tool makes it easy for you to create your own EBSCO search boxes. Choose your search parameters and customize your search box. Integrate it directly into your website to allow users to access premium content quickly!

    If you need additional assistance with creating a search box or have any questions, contact Customer Support.

    If you would like options not available in this builder, contact your sales representative to inquire about professional services.

    Example Search Box

    EBSCO Discovery Service

    An EDS search box provides a customized, easy-to-use, all-inclusive search solution directly from your website.

    Customer information

    Search limiter options

    You can set profile defaults for limiters via EBSCOadmin. If you would like this search box to overwrite those defaults, you can do so below. If you do not use limiters or you do not want them to appear on your search box, you can skip this section.

    Which limiters would you like to use?


    Select your authentication parameters. Click to read more about authentication.
    Note: Guest authentication applies to EDS only and must additionally be configured in EBSCOadmin.
    Click to read how to set up guest access.

    Proxy options

    Do you want to pass your users through a proxy before sending them to EDS? This setup means your off-site users will not be presented with guest access, but instead will be routed through your proxy.

    What authentication methods do you want to use?

    Choose any number of these automated, no-interaction checks:

    Choose any number of these automated, no-interaction checks:

    Choose one of these:

    Choose one of these:

    Current authentication:

    Additional options

    Additional options

        Theme and appearance options

        Set color, labels, and other appearance options.

          Button color

          Button text color

          Background color

          Text color

          What is customize color?

          Selecting this option will override any CSS set on your website that would otherwise apply to these parts of the search box.